All the persons, both natural and legal, are exposed to complex taxation laws. The ever-changing nature of such laws and regulations consume persons’ more time, money and resources. Inappropriate tax planning results in increase in tax burden and compliance related costs.

Corporate taxes in Nepal amount to significant portion of income. Sound tax planning is therefore required for corporate’s strategic growth and sustainability in the long run. It’s worth to mention that strategic decisions relating to tax needs to be made at the inception of the business.   

OP renders taxation services to the clients with its expertise and “being responsible” approach in all aspects. OP acts complying with prevailing laws with integrity and expects the same from other concerned parties, viz firm’s clients, tax authorities and others.

OP co-operates with tax authorities for building mutual trust and respect in order to encourage constructive dialogue and timely responsiveness by all concerned parties. We believe that such co-operation facilitates and enhances compliance and supports in early resolution of disputes.

OP’s taxation services include the flowing: